After nearly 30 years, Rich received a phone call from a dear old friend and business partner from the musical entertainment world. Michael Credno, he asked Rich, “are you still playing music at all?”. Rich informed Mike that he had a studio that has satisfied his appetite for his love of the Great American Songbook. Mike suggested they get together, so they did. Their first session began after 30 years with “Fly Me To The Moon”. Approximately, 6 months later they debuted at the Blasland Stables Christmas Party in Manlius, NY.
Parties, weddings, birthdays, graduations, gatherings, fundraisers, special events

Mike has explained to me, “Sometime ago, I had the itch to perform again. I placed an ad looking for compatible musicians. There were a few. One fellow played a good guitar but was stuck in the 50’s. Mike thought that’s fine, I like the 50’s. After performing a few tunes, Mike the guitarist, what do you think? The guitarist said, ”I’m sorry Mike, but you really too smooth.” I burst into Laughter! And immediately coined the name saying to Mike, that guy was exactly right, that’s what we are, and who we are. Too Smooth.

-Rich Blasland

Playing Pop, Swing. Top 40, Rock & Roll, Classic Rock from the 60’s through the 80’s. everything from Frank Sinatra to Johnny Cash to Lynyrd Skynyrd!